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Canada's 6th Estate

Enabled by CITIZN, Democracy's Social Network

Welcome to CITIZN, the advanced Information Technology Startup Company that delivers the world's most predictive political dataset, PERIOD.

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What can we achieve, together

To reinforce democracy where it lives, to defend it where challenged, and to give rise to it everywhere else.

Democracy is being damaged the world over by corporate interests, political power concentration, and corrosive social media.  The assumptions that underwrote democracy for 200+ years no longer hold.  We need a new way to protect democracy.  We are building CITIZN for that purpose.

Social network concept

The social network with real purpose

Advanced Solutions

Eventually owned by the people yet funded by investors, together we will build a new and better future for all of humanity.  We are deploying to each country a social network that will generate huge profits.  Those profits will fund whatever needs the people have in your society.  Capitalism doesnt have to hurt.  Used correctly it can elevate every single one of us.  CITIZN is the tip of that speer.